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In 2000, 23% of teens smoked in the US. Today, only 7% smoke.


As a designer and creative technologist on the truth account at 72andSunny, I was fortunate enough to use the power of social media to mobilize teens across the nation and help end smoking for good.

These are a few of my personal favorite posts and series from the campaign:


Tom Bacco Jr. Webcomic 

Tom Bacco Jr. is an idealistic tobacco leaf who refuses to become a cigarette like his parents. We used this character to let people know about other uses that this plant has and how it can become a powerful tool for humans instead of being one of the main causes of death in the world.








Twitter Traps

Smoking excuses are traps that’ll get people to believe they’re on the clear of the dangers of smoking. For our “It’s A Trap” campaign we hacked twitter’s image engine and created a series of posts that would reveal the “trap!” messaging once people tapped on the images that presented some of the most popular excuses.






Misc. cool designs and animations 

Misc. cool posts and animations

Misc. cool designs and animations

Misc. cool  and animations


Happy Halloween!

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Aww yeah. CVS quit selling tobacco! That calls for a celebration in their honor. #FinishIT #CVYESSS

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