3/3 is an exercise of dynamic lighting and touch interaction.

Te objective with this project was to generate a new way to interact with our lighting devices and environment, in this case through a reading lamp.

I was first captivated by the idea of controlling the warmth and intensity on the environment lighting through the pleasing touch of polished wood instead of a regular light switch or dimmer knob.

This was achieved by placing custom copper sensors underneath a very thin wooden cap at the top of the lamp, enabling it to read human touch and trigger 3 different LED strips (cold white, neutral white and amber) through 6 levels of intensity each. This allows the user to decide on the intensity and temperature of its lighting through a nice touch experience.


Design: Emilio Cantón


Materials: Walnut, polypropylene and cloth covered cable

Dimensions: 24 x 26 cm

Tech: Arduino LilyPad, LED light strips (cool white, neutral white and amber)